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LD10 is in-line design, compact and powerful. This linear and compact design makes LD10 is well suited for use in industrial application where installation space is limited. Main applications:industrial automation
Technical Specification

Additional Information

Max. Pull Load 1000N
Max. Push Load 1000N
Max. Speed at No Load 18mm/s
Min. Installation Dimension 256mm+Stroke
Stroke 50-300mm
Voltage 12 / 24V DC
Duty Cycle 10%
Option Potentiometer (POT) analog positioning feedback IP65 Adjustable limit switches (Not allowed to adjust if protection level is IP65) Manual drive connector* (MD, can be driven by hand with a 8mm hex bit screwdriver or electric screwdriver) F Type Din Plug (4Pin ) Round and Flat Plug (2Pin)
Data Sheets
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